Please take the time to read through our Terms and conditions. All our orders (including shop purchases) are taken in the understanding that the customer has read and accepted out Terms & Conditions. 



1.1 A deposit of 50% of the total order price must be taken to confirm your stationery & creation slot. 

1.2 Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. 

1.3 The balance payment is due 6 weeks prior to the agreed production slot 

1.4 Failure to pay the balance 4 week prior to your production slot will be classed as a ‘Express Slots’ and will be charged accordingly. 

1.5 Failure to pay the balance 3 weeks prior to your production slot will result in your order being cancelled. 

1.6 Payments should be made via BACS, over the phone, card machine or by cheque. 

1.7 Payments made over the phone or by card machine will incur a 2.75% card fee. 

1.8 Customers paying by cheque will only have their creation slot confirmed once the cheque has cleared. 

1.9 Any refunds due to change in numbers of day stationery will be issued by Cheque.

2.0 Final numbers or order changes of Invitations and or stationery must total no less than £50 of the original amount quoted.

2.1 Your stationery is due to be ready for the agreed time frame, unless your payment is late which means your slot may be moved.


Postage & Packaging 

2.1 Postage will be charged accordingly in regards to approximate weight of invitations & stationery. 

2.2 When ordering Invitations and stationery, there will be two charges of postage and packaging that will be applied. 

2.3 If numbers increase/decrease, this may change the postage price. 

2.4 If you live in the local area, collection for your stationery can be arranged. There will be a change of £5.00 for the packaging of your items. 

2.5 All orders are sent via My Hermes, Royal Mail or Parcel Force. You will be notified when your order is complete and your order is ready to be shipped. 


Our Designs


3.1 Due to the nature of our handmade invitation and stationery, items appearance may vary slightly from each other, and any previous samples ordered. 

3.2 Prices are subject to change. However orders that have been paid in full will not be affected. 

3.3 The ribbon colours that are provided by A Moment of Magic via website or pictures, may not be a true representation of the colours through your screen. If you wish to see exact colours, you should ask for us to send you samples of ribbon at a small charge. 

3.4 Most of our card stock is hand died and some may have a texture. Because of this some text and images can sometimes be affected and may be dull/have lines etc.

3.5 A Moment of Magic holds the right to take and use pictures of all stationery created on social media for advertisement, unless asked by the customer otherwise.

3.6 A Moment of Magic at present do not offer designs in digital form. Whilst digital proofs are sent as part of the standard proofing process, these remain the property of A Moment of Magic and can not be changed or manipulated in any way by the clients. A Moment of Magic have the right to cancel an order or to take matters further if found to do so.

3.7 If more than one design is required e.g. blank Invitations/word & phrase changes, this is to be requested at the time of us creating your designs before proofing. Otherwise invitations will be created in the same design as the ones sent to proof. Any extra designs will be charged a one off payment of £10.00

3.8 Guest Names for Invitations and day stationery E.g. Table Plan, Place Cards etc are to be sent to A Moment of Magic using the spreadsheets they provide you via email or the Customer Downloads section. Any errors are in fault of the customer, and any changes made should be made by the customer.

3.9 Any changes to spreadsheets made by A Moment of Magic should be agreed by the customer. Any errors made to the spreadsheet if the customer agrees for the changes to be made instead of sending a new spreadsheet to A Moment of Magic are at the customers fault. 



4.1 Samples are available in all designs, and will be charged per item. 

4.2 Postage may be charged on samples. 

4.3 Samples WILL NOT be customized, and will be provided with general information. 

4.4 Please ensure to ask in regards to waiting times on samples. 


Placing Your Order

5.1 Following receipt of your deposit, a production slot will be booked. This will be based on the next space available taking into account your requirements, or specific date requested. 

5.2 Additional information for your invitations and reception stationery including guest names, table names, accommodation information etc must be sent to us at least 2 weeks before your balance due date to avoid any delays. A delay may mean that your order will not be completed. A Moment of Magic accepts no responsibility in this circumstance.

5.3. We recommend ordering additional ‘spare’ invitations with your main order. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to make extra items at a later date outside your designated slot.

5.4. Extra invitations ordered at a later date will incur an additional fee to cover the cost of extra materials and postage thereof. 


Express Slots

6.1. Orders placed with less than 4 weeks for production, or which require extra hours/days to be worked (October - February) will be referred to as ‘Express Slots’.

6.2. Express Slots will be charged an additional £10 to cover the cost of special delivery of items from suppliers (4 week production) or an additional £35.00 to cover extra hours worked.

6.3. Express Slots must be paid in full before work will commence. 



7.1. In the event of the customer cancelling an order, all moneys paid will be lost and the production slot will be released. Any items purchased for your order will remain the property of A Moment of Magic.

7.2. Cancellation orders are non transferable.

7.3. Deposits are non transferable.

7.4. Once orders have been placed via our online shop, these can not be canceled.


8.1. A proof of your wedding invitation will be emailed to you prior to your production slot. It is essential that you check the proof thoroughly to ensure all details are correct and that there are no spelling errors and all information is correct.

8.2. Work will not commence on your invitations until the proof has been approved by return email. Delays in providing your wording to enable us to create your proofs or approval of your proofs may delay the start of work on your order. This in turn is likely to result in your order not being completed. A Moment of Magic accepts no responsibility in this circumstance.

8.3. Any changes to invitations requested after your approval may incur an extra cost, and may not be possible where timescales are unreasonably tight. A Moment of Magic accepts no responsibility in this circumstance.

8.4. It is your responsibility to make sure all guest names, table names and all other items are spelled correctly. 

8.5. A total of 3 rounds of proofs will be provided, and any further proofs after this will incur a charge of £5.00 per round.

8.6. Proofs are not provided for any stationery created for the day of your wedding. If you would like proofs for these, these are to be requested at the time of sending any information over to A Moment of Magic. 



9.1. All of our invitations and reception stationery are very carefully packaged. In the unlikely event that any items are damaged, it must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. 

9.2. Any damage must be shown to A Moment of Magic in pictures/video so the appropriate action can be taken and sent to the courier.


Posting your Invitations


10.1. For invitations with large embellishments, we recommend posting your invitation in a bubble wrap envelope for added protection. 

Day Stationery

11.1 The information must be provided to A Moment of Magic via their chosen format no later than 1 month before your wedding.

11.2 The designs will be created and sent to you via PDF for your approval.  (Please see T's & C's Proofs.)

11.3 If more than one spreadsheet has been sent to A Moment of Magic, they hold no responsibility for any mistakes made.

11.4 For collection orders all items will be ready to collection 3 days prior to your wedding.

11.5 For postal orders unless otherwise stated at the time of booking, your order will be shipped to be received no later than 3 days prior to your wedding.


Hire Items 

12.1 All Hire items require a safety deposit which may vary depending on the item, at the time of booking. 

12.2 All Safety Deposits will be refunded within 7 working days of the safe return of the item. 

12.3 Safety deposits will not be returned in the event of any damage to hire items and may incur further charges payable by the payee. 

12.4 Any Mirrors or Easels hired for your wedding day will be ready to collect at the same time as your day stationery 3 days prior to your wedding. 

12.5 Separate T’s & C’s will be provided to customers hiring the 4ft Love Letters.