When to send your Saves the Dates * Wedding Invitations ...

When should you send out your #SaveTheDates & #Invitations? This is something I get asked quite a lot, as I think sometimes #Family & #Friends can scare you into when to send them out ! I know when planning a #Wedding you can feel liked your being pushed and pulled everywhere with the amount of different information your being given, and people who think they're correct, but PLEASE listen to me <3

If you choose to send out Save the Dates, these tend to go out around 1 year before! We do often create these for couples to send out around 18 months before, which is fine if you are dying to get them out, but any earlier than this is too far in advance! You don't want to run the risk of people getting bored of seeing your Save the Date, and just throwing it into a draw!

For your #Invites, we always advise to send these out 4-6 months before your wedding. Any earlier than 6 months is a bit too keen, unless you are planning an #abroadwedding, which then you tend to send them out anytime between 18 months and 1 year before.

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Amy <3