What to expect at a Wedding Show

This Sunday is the Great Northern Wedding Show ❤️ Its literally my FAVE show of the year! It’s on once in April and once in September, and never fails to amaze!

There are over 100 suppliers and I think each and every #supplier can say that so much prep goes into this one day! I start prepping months before, just to try and make sure I’m #organised on the week of the show (this of course never happens 🤣). We set up from 3PM on the #Saturday which normally takes a good 2-3 hours and then arrive early on the #Sunday to finish setting up, ready for all the eager couples to arrive at 11 💪🏼

The que for the show at 11 is always CRAZY and without fail every time goes right around the building! Of course if you come early, you get to see the event at its very best, with all suppliers eager to meet you, but if you prefer it a little quieter, you can always come later in the day ☀️ No matter what time you come, the vibe and the buzz in the building is always on a high 🙋🏽‍♀️

Everyone gets different things out of a #WeddingShow ... Some go for the #deals and offers that some exhibitors might have to offer on the day, some go just to get ideas or last minute prep for their #weddings, and some go just to nosey, collect #business cards and do their own research at home 💻 When I was getting married, I was always the last type of bride, as personally I find them so busy I just can’t make decisions there and then, but that’s okay, everyone’s different !

So if you haven’t got anything on this #weekend, I really would pay a visit. No matter how far along in your #weddingplanning you are, a Wedding Show is always useful, and especially one such as great as the #GNWS2018

The Great Northern Wedding Show, USN Bolton Arena, Bolton - 11am - 4pm hosted by Little White Books #lwb❤️

AM <3

The Great Northern Wedding Show, April 2018