Summer Weddings 2019

Can you believe that we are now practically on the countdown to #Christmas ?! Okay please don't shout at me for using that word, but its true! As I'm sitting here writing this post it is officially 160 Days until Santa arrives! With that in mind, this means that if you are getting #married within the #summer months of 2019, it is either just under or just over 1 year away until your big day!

If you haven't already done it, and are thinking about sending out your #savethedates, then DO IT NOW! 1 Year in advance is the perfect time! However, if you are heading straight for the #invitations, then your probably thinking around January/February/March time? When exactly depends on the months of your #wedding, when you need your #rsvp's by, how organised you want to be and of course how eager you are!

Invitations are normally sent out 4-6 months before, and i always advise DO NOT send out your invitations in December! You really want to wait until everyone has stopped flapping about Christmas, so i would advise mid January!

If you do require your #Invites for your #summerwedding and would like to order them with us, then PLEASE inquire now! As you can imagine, the #winter months are our busiest time of year getting ready for #summerweddings and we are almost full booked for December & January, with Feb & March close behind!

Happy #weddingplanning !

AM <3