Okay so today's post is probably more of a rant that anything else, but please just let me let all my frustration out onto you (Sorry in advance)

Over the last few weeks, actually no, few years, i have seen SOOOO many posts on #Facebook groups etc, asking for recommendations for #Stationery suppliers etc to create their #weddinginvitations / #weddingstationery for them ... BUT ... they go a little something like the below

1. It's impossible to get 'Cheap Nice Invites' 2. Most people actually keep them for a keep sake. 3. Your Invitation is the first thing your guests receive regarding your wedding. This sets of the tone and gives them a hint about what to expect for your day. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING!

I always say this about everything ... If you want something that is good quality, and lasts, you have to pay for it! Now i know this isn't always the case, but 95% of the time it is, and this is certainly the case with #weddingstationery / #Invitations!

The difference in quality in all types of paper & card is incredible! The more you pay for the card, the better quality ... how sturdy it is, the way it feels, the way it looks, the way its printed on, MASSIVE factors and why you should choose good quality card. Card & Paper is measure in weight (GSM) and the heavier the weight, the better quality in lots of cases. The standard paper that you use for your everyday printing is around 80GSM ... the card i use starts from 280GSM depending on the type chosen by you. HUGE DIFFERENCE!! You can buy lots of card from #Ebay / DIY suppliers online, but most of the time the quality is really low and this tends to be the quality chosen by a lot of 'make money quick' suppliers.

Just no

I have said this all along, and will always stick by it, regardless of if people want to order their stationery/invitations from me or not ... I will NEVER create something that i wouldn't want myself. I will NEVER use cheap materials. I would rather loose custom, then start to create cheap products that don't look like the quality you want and of course deserved for your #weddingday ! You have to then factory in the Ink, the other materials used, the glue & tape, the time (days to create your invitations).

Of course this is a Tattoo, but it's the same principle right?!

I started A Moment of Magic around 3 years ago, and since then i have and still work my absolute little tush off to get my #business thriving! I am so proud of how far i have come in such little time, but i want to create something which is seen as a trademark, almost a #legacy! Seeing some 'suppliers' saying they can create people #pocketfold invitations from £0.45 IS A LIE !!! I can't even buy a blank pocket fold for £0.45 let alone factor in all the other card, ink, time! Sometimes i can get really disheartened by seeing posts like these, they make us amazing suppliers look like we are ripping people off, but let me tell you, if i was, i would be in my mansion by now, #Gin in hand of course, oh and by my swimming pool (Just to add my Gin would be served by a butler). Minimum wage is the dream.

You'll be glad to know my ranting is coming to an end, but i just really wanted to give you all an insight into what you are actually paying for, and of course buying from a #smallbusiness (Mwa) is helping me plod along with my dream!!!! As always, i want to end this post to thank all of you lovely #Bride & #Grooms who really are the best <3

AM <3