Laser Cut Love <3

So recently we created the absolutely amazing Laser Cut Invitations in all Ivory/Off White. WOW

From the second Amanda contacted me and wanted to use just the one colour, i knew that these where going to be something else! Sometimes simplicity is everything, and it certainly shows in these invitations!

We created the day invitations with the 3 inserts including the main invitation, and the evening with just the one card. They where all carefully bundled together with gorgeous satin ribbon and little tags, each personalised to their guests.

Since we introduced this particular Laser Cut they have been SO popular, and we have these booked in down the line in a few different colours/styles.

They can be a more expensive invitation, due to the actual Laser Cut itself, but like all of our stationery, can be completely customised to suit your theme/colours and budget. The Laser Cuts also come in lots of different styles/shapes, and colours.

Do you think something like this would suit your wedding? Why not message us today to inquire!

AM <3

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